caathi meaning and definition

caathi meaning

it's a somali word that means 'it's all good'

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caauwe meaning

1. Word used to describe sitting on your balls. 2. A nickname for your history teacher.

Caazapa meaning

the absolute best town to grow up in! Its in the middle of Paraguay. 8 blocks by 8 blocks. Home of IBC and of course its my favorite place on earth. come visit :) you won't want to leave and do drink out of the bolaños

cab meaning

Short for Crazy Ass Bitch

caba meaning

The most crazy people you can meet. Party animals. They are the most sexiest people in the world. They are awesome performing sexual pleasures. They have the fattest asses you can ever get your hands on.

cababage head meaning

teacher who shaves her stench trench and scratches her meat wallet during class.

cababalo meaning

the movement of a person that runs in a circle while making cow noises.

Cababed meaning

To be or have been bitched out

Cabaca meaning

A up and coming dance involving feces or feces related material.

cabacha meaning

hispanic slang term for "white girl". Derived from the term Gabacho

cabacial meaning

(Kuh-bay-shul) A crude Spanglish combination of the Spanish word "cabeza" and the English word "facial". Used in any scenario in which the term facial would normally apply, but the Spanish twist provides extra humiliation for your adversary.