Cabañero meaning and definition

Cabañero meaning

Noun of Spanish origin meaning friend or companion. Generally used in a very loud and obnoxious tone.

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Cabanga meaning

A Zulu word which means ‘Imagine’.Recently adopted by England football fans after it was found by a Neuropsychologist that the power of people focusing their positive thoughts with ‘Cabanga’ could influence results.

Cabangan meaning

One who displays zero (0) chach tendencies but comes into contact with many chaches throughout the day. Practically, a certified badass.

Cabango meaning

The art of making fart like noises blowing on your hands.

Cabanillas meaning

1.(n.) A term used for someone of low or seemingly no intelligence; similiar to the IQ of a can of lard. Can also be used for wannabes. 2.(adj.) When someone or sumthing is so annoying that one wants to rip the annoyance into pieces

Cabaniss Boys meaning

As the name suggests, Cabaniss Boys are men who live, or have lived, in Cabaniss Residence Hall at Virginia Commonwealth University. This hall, built in 1967, houses quite possibly the most amazing group of men you will ever meet. Cabaniss Boys are smart, strong, athletic, and VERY popular with the ladies. It is a well known fact that Cabaniss Boys get the most play of any group of men not only at VCU, but of any group of men in the greater Richmond area. Cabaniss Boys also are known for the obscene amount of alcohol they can consume without causing serious bodily harm unto themselves; these men drink alcohol like there is a shortage.

Cabanosi meaning

The act of filling a cab or taxi with meat and offal.

cabaraderie meaning

A camaraderie, or brotherhood, among cab drivers, as coined by Stephen Fry. Drivers show cabaraderie when they let each other know where the traffic is bad, allow other cabs to pull in in front of them, and so on.

CABARAH meaning

Creep Ass Bitch Ass Ratchet Ass Hoe

Cabaret meaning

One of the most rad musicals ever, especially if done by the BTWHSPVA Entertainers. also adjective: super cool and dramatic

Cabareting meaning

Visiting one or more cabarets throughout a night (the 1920's version); also, ostraciscizing Kyle.