cabacha meaning and definition

cabacha meaning

hispanic slang term for "white girl". Derived from the term Gabacho

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cabacial meaning

(Kuh-bay-shul) A crude Spanglish combination of the Spanish word "cabeza" and the English word "facial". Used in any scenario in which the term facial would normally apply, but the Spanish twist provides extra humiliation for your adversary.

cabaclysm meaning

the devastation that befalls the night clubber who cannot successfully hail a cab.

Cabaço meaning

To take, agressively, the virginity of a woman

cabada meaning

Basicly a girl who loves dick. She's normally very pretty with a big booty and long legs. She looks like a good girl but deep down shes evil.

cabage head meaning

A cunt ass bitch who can suck my cock

cabagel meaning

A noun used for a vagina. Commonly found in adolescent age groups in the east. Slowly becoming popular, older ages usually don't know the meaning.

cabage night meaning

the night before halloween in which one causes mayham and vandalism.

Cabagina meaning

This is what happens when a woman does not take care of her undercarriage and it smells faintly of cabbage. Sometimes roasted sometimes rotten, but always unpleasant. There are a number of underlining factors that can lead to this such as grooming and dieting. Also plain nastiness is sometimes the root cause.

cabahota meaning

A club house made out of bed sheets when you have nothing better to do on a rainy day.

Cabahug meaning

Nickname for the shits that godzilla took back in 1942 also a common slang term for loose stools contained within the anal cavity from activities such as not drinking enough water after a workout