cabage night meaning and definition

cabage night meaning

the night before halloween in which one causes mayham and vandalism.

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Cabagina meaning

This is what happens when a woman does not take care of her undercarriage and it smells faintly of cabbage. Sometimes roasted sometimes rotten, but always unpleasant. There are a number of underlining factors that can lead to this such as grooming and dieting. Also plain nastiness is sometimes the root cause.

cabahota meaning

A club house made out of bed sheets when you have nothing better to do on a rainy day.

Cabahug meaning

Nickname for the shits that godzilla took back in 1942 also a common slang term for loose stools contained within the anal cavity from activities such as not drinking enough water after a workout

cabaim meaning

Cabaim is prigionally just between two people, and with their last names joint together, creates CABAIM! 1. (noun): A person who is a cool nerd. A cool nerdy thing. A place that is a cool nerdy place. 2. (verb): The art of making paper ninja stars and only paper ninja stars. To be a cool nerd. Also, to be awesome, or a curse word. 3. (adjective): To describe something as cool and nerdy.

cabaiste meaning

a gobshite, a cabbage

cabaje meaning

Alternate spelling of 'cabbage'. Applies to a person who is a cabbage or something a stupid person would do. Originally used as "Cabaje Englandish"

CABAL meaning

An angry AI core created by the Brotherhood of NOD. At first, CABAL was merely a puppet of NOD, obeying all their wishes and helping the fight the Global Defense Initiative (GDI). However, in the firestorm age, CABAL got overloaded on tiberium vines and took on a life of his own. The AI core now imagined that he was his own being and owed loyalty to no one. He then went medieval on both GDI and NOD, destroying evrything in his path.

cabale meaning

A small girl with unusually wide hips.

Caballerial meaning

A 360 Fakie Ollie. Named after its creator, Steve Caballero.

Caballero meaning

Gentalmen in spanish.