cabana boy meaning and definition

cabana boy meaning

a sexy guy with a tan that he gets from working out on the beach and serving the tourists daquiris and rum and cokes.

cabana boy meaning

Nice, hot, young boy (race and income unimportant) who serves mine-or yours, should you choose- every whim. And I mean every whim.

cabana boy meaning

A young man (typically in his twenties) that gives a woman anything and everything she needs or wants as a servant would. However most of her needs or wants have a sexual connotation behind them.

cabana boy meaning

hot, young man who serves my-or your should you need it- every whim. And I mean every whim.

cabana boy meaning

A sexy-based super hero. He is hotter than a thousand suns, kinkier than a triple ended dildo, able to fill a leopard skin bikini with a mighty bulge.

cabana boy meaning

A low rent gigolo who is the playtoy of some wrinkled divorcee with money. From the skit of the same name on "MAD TV". Most recently used in regards to John Kerry and his super-rich wife.

cabana boy meaning

Faluire turned to bargin priced sexual services, often of high education, ethnic, welsh background.

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Cabana Girl meaning

Woman in a tropical or pool setting that serve drinks or food to their loved ones with a huge smile and without hesitation.

Cabananate meaning

a gay ass ravenshield player, who is a total out spoken failure in life and is now working at pizza hut...

cabana squat meaning

When you have a powerful urge to take a crap and can't find toilet paper you squat and concentrate your nine chakra points on pushing it out. The air flowing out of your body cleans everything up.

Cabana Sunday meaning

a long day of partying, by a pool/cabana, in Vegas ( or any vacation spot ).

cab and dash meaning

To take a ride in a taxi, and at the end, when the cabbie asks for payment, you run out on the fare. WARNING: It is not recommended that you try this. Many cabbies are either: A) Able to run you down, and beat the snot out of you, or B) carry a firearm. 'Nough said.

Cabañero meaning

Noun of Spanish origin meaning friend or companion. Generally used in a very loud and obnoxious tone.

Cabanga meaning

A Zulu word which means ‘Imagine’.Recently adopted by England football fans after it was found by a Neuropsychologist that the power of people focusing their positive thoughts with ‘Cabanga’ could influence results.

Cabangan meaning

One who displays zero (0) chach tendencies but comes into contact with many chaches throughout the day. Practically, a certified badass.

Cabango meaning

The art of making fart like noises blowing on your hands.

Cabanillas meaning

1.(n.) A term used for someone of low or seemingly no intelligence; similiar to the IQ of a can of lard. Can also be used for wannabes. 2.(adj.) When someone or sumthing is so annoying that one wants to rip the annoyance into pieces