cabazon meaning and definition

cabazon meaning

The word is actually 'cabezón' that means 'big head'.

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Cabazza meaning

1) Supposedly it means when a man ejaculates (nuts) in an ice trey, puts it in the freezer until frozen and then puts it deep in a girls ass and then fucks her in the ass.

Cabb meaning

Cabb, to cabb out...or to turn into a vegetable. Can also mean to be confused by something or other.

Cabba meaning

A nickname for someone you love unconditionally. The nickname Cabba should only be used for those girls that you can actually trust. A Cabba will be there through anything and everything. She is beautiful, intelligent, and emotionally stable. She is everything you have ever wanted in a girl. The term Cabba comes from the longest string of letters a LG8700 cell phone could achieve when pressing the number 2 in T9Word mode.

cabbage meaning

1. Buds of marijuana. 2. A person's head. Similar in usage to dome, wig, or melon.

Cabbage Action meaning

A form of token protest, support or "philanthropy" requiring little or no effort or commitment on the part of the individual engaged in said action.

Cabbage Ass meaning

The condition of having gas that leaves your anus wet, having to wipe after every fart

cabbage babbage meaning

The lowest quality of marijuana known to mankind. Often characterized by the presence of lots of stems and seeds. Also known as poop weed.

Cabbage Baby meaning

1. Can be used to refer to a cabbage patch doll2. A term used to refer to seemingly innocent yet provocative women. What all men desire, a woman who is pure and sexy.

cabbage balls meaning

A game similar to softball or baseball. A cabbage ball is larger and softer than both a baseball and a softball. It started out as an indoor game but now you can play it outdoors too. Started out in New Orleans

cabbage basket meaning

making sure yur bitches toilet stays clean by dropping sum TP in the bowl in a basket like shape to keep yur douse from making tred marks.