Cabbage Juice meaning and definition

Cabbage Juice meaning

Sweat that comes from a ball sack.

Cabbage Juice meaning

A transparent liquid type of seamen which is produced at the start of puberty

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cabbage kicker meaning

n wales. an inbred person. usually seen wearing wellies or driving tractors, generally reluctant to converse in english. often a welsh nationalist who will hold extremely negative veiws on any indivdual not immediately connected to him/herself by either culture or language. always suspicious of 'outsiders'.

cabbage-kit meaning

Cabbage-kit is camouflaged combat-wear that ruffy-tuffy military people wear. Derogatory term used by anti-military types or self-mocking term used by squaddies themselves.

Cabbage Lag meaning

Similar to itis, cabbage lag is the state of lethargy from a large amount of Irish food.

Cabbage Man meaning

A reoccurring character in Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Cabbage Man is a lonely merchant whose poor vegetables seem to always be under some subject of destruction. Is often heard yelling "My cabbages!" Also: A nickname for a reoccurring minor character, often used for comic relief.

cabbagemobile meaning

generally a fairly old, often poorly kept car that has the lingering odor of rotted produce (cabbage). even more appropriatley a green car of said description tin can pile of crap on wheels mobile junk yard

Cabbage mouth meaning

Cabbage Mouth:1. Cabbage Mouths are usually dirty ole bastards at their wits’ end with fucked up shitty beards; and everything they say is just as fucked as their beards.2. Cabbage Mouths usually have filthy beards and a smoke-stained set of rotten whiskey teeth.3. Everything they say is irrelevant because of how fucked their mouths look. Their words sound just as shitty as their mouths look.4. Cabbage mouths can usually be found hanging around ugly bitches, skanks, slackers, guys named Skeeter, and also shitty bearded douchebag bikers.5. It is highly likely that someone with a cabbage mouth has fucked up teeth that are going in every direction.6. These are poor ole bastards with mouthfuls of fucked up teeth.7. A person with cabbage mouth tendencies usually has chaw slaw (chewing tobacco spit) all over his or her shitty looking beard.

Cabbage Muff meaning

A term originated in New Jersey to put down an opposing Jersey bitch in an argument. Many people do not understand what this means, but then again...It's a Jersey thing.

cabbage neck meaning

a bald jackass that has fatty rolls on the back of their neck

cabbage night meaning

A term for the night before Halloween used in Vermont. This night is referred to as mischief night in many parts of the United States. On Cabbage Night, children who live in rural areas (i.e. the entire state) go out into the crops and collect rotten veggies. Then they go to the homes of prominent people in town: wealthy old spinsters that don't out candy, the town banker who forcloses on family farms, or the fucker that runs the general store. Don't get me started at that sum bitch. He thinks he can get a buck fifty for a fucking pepsi. All he's gonna get from me in a cabbage through the windshield of his Dodge.

Cabbage Packing meaning

When a man packs his penis inside a cabbage patch doll and after he ejaculates he pulls out and cooks the baby doll in the microwave and eats it.