cabbage patch kids meaning and definition

cabbage patch kids meaning

A useless, overpriced doll.

cabbage patch kids meaning

A child who grew up and began the usage of marijuana in third grade, cocaine in sixth, and meth in ninth.

cabbage patch kids meaning

generally used to describe the kids from the rich end of town who think money equates to character, but are devoid of same. Also those who think they are somehow more important or valuable because their PARENTS have money.

cabbage patch kids meaning

A porn star with the hottest rack ever imaginable. Makes beautiful children in a very naughty, ugly way.

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Cabbage Patch Porn meaning

When a hippo penis wrinkles up at your grandparent's house due to the enemas wrinkling going on there and you are being video taped by thee elderly people through a window

Cabbage patch silky meaning

When you leave on a perm(hair straightener, ie...soft sheen)too long. And your hair becomes very straight and thin, like the fake silky doll hair of a cabbage patch doll.

cabbage patch snatch meaning

1. self desciptive, vaginal lips so used and nasty they look like cabbage leaves. 2. A whore's pussy

Cabbage Patch Stalker meaning

A hideous looking stalker of the third kind that resembles the apperance of a 'cabbage patch kid' from the classic 1980s collectors cards. They will stop at nothing to stalk their unwitting victims and subject them to their ungainly mis-shapen ugly form, offering unlimited freaky sex. Many victims have never recovered from one of these hideous encounters.

cabbage patch syndrome meaning

the fact that this word even exist is a mystery and its meaning is non existant

cabbage patch tooth meaning

its a rotted tooth that expels reminiscent of the taste and smell of boiled cabbage

Cabbage Patch Weed meaning

Also called Popcorn weed, Cabbage Patch weed is a little more potent than Shwagg or Reggie. However, it can't compete with good strains, such as Strawberry Cough or Sour Diesel.

Cabbage-patchy meaning

Any living being with scrunched facial features much the same as a cabbage patch doll.

cabbage puss meaning

A Girls Puss (JJ) Who's Puss Smells Like Cabbage

cabbage pussy meaning

A vagina that has over developed volva and looks like it could eat you