Cabbage Patch Weed meaning and definition

Cabbage Patch Weed meaning

Also called Popcorn weed, Cabbage Patch weed is a little more potent than Shwagg or Reggie. However, it can't compete with good strains, such as Strawberry Cough or Sour Diesel.

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Cabbage-patchy meaning

Any living being with scrunched facial features much the same as a cabbage patch doll.

cabbage puss meaning

A Girls Puss (JJ) Who's Puss Smells Like Cabbage

cabbage pussy meaning

A vagina that has over developed volva and looks like it could eat you

cabbage queen meaning

Commonly used the game World of Tanks, to describe a heavy tank that tries to hide behind bushes.

cabbage roll meaning

A short, stubby penis that has been removed from a menstruating vagina.

Cabbagery meaning

The art of throwing a head of cabbage at an unsuspecting victim, and taunting them with a phrase befitting to the occurrence of being cabbaged.

cabbage savage meaning

Slang term for a lesbian

cabbage sisters meaning

A group of girls who smoke marijuana together.

cabbage snatch meaning

A vagina that is overused, abused, and a something borrowed... Multiple times. It can also be identified with a horrendous smell and lips that look like two pieces of bacon strung together with some yarn.

Cabbage Snatch Kid meaning

A child born of a Cabbage Snatch, or more commonly referred to as a nasty, sweaty can normally pick a Cabbage Snatch Kid out of a crowd by his Cabbage Snatch Stink which usually never washes off.There is a wonderful video on youtube about Cabbage Snatches, called Cabbage Snatch Kids