cabbage sisters meaning and definition

cabbage sisters meaning

A group of girls who smoke marijuana together.

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cabbage snatch meaning

A vagina that is overused, abused, and a something borrowed... Multiple times. It can also be identified with a horrendous smell and lips that look like two pieces of bacon strung together with some yarn.

Cabbage Snatch Kid meaning

A child born of a Cabbage Snatch, or more commonly referred to as a nasty, sweaty can normally pick a Cabbage Snatch Kid out of a crowd by his Cabbage Snatch Stink which usually never washes off.There is a wonderful video on youtube about Cabbage Snatches, called Cabbage Snatch Kids

cabbage soup diet meaning

What fat people go on to lose weight. Apparently, if all you eat is cabbage soup, the weight falls off you, but it makes your shit 20 times more rancid. My ex-boss was on one for a couple of months - he'd go grab the newspaper and charge into the toilet for a good half hour session. The place was off-limits for a good 45 minutes afterwards and some of the tiles had fallen off the walls

cabbage sprinkle meaning

Cabbage Sprinkle: the tasteful art of spitting menstrual blood on your lovers face.

cabbage squirrel meaning

Those stupid little spider-like things in Halo2 that zombify everything after you kill them. Named for two reasons; 1] The sudden rush of adrenaline one gets as the these horrid things comes flying off the wall can only be compared with the adrenaline rush one gets from chasing a squirrel and, 2] You can only imagine that after killing them and stomping on them in your high-tech Spartan suit, the smell would be something kin to rotting cabbage.

Cabbage Stew meaning

Cabbage Stew is a racist slang towards the polish folk. It is used in a similar context to saying "All Americans eat cheeseburgers". This simple phrase is used to trigger people with strong polish nationalism and or people with thin skin

Cabbage stumps meaning

An old phrase referring to the legs

Cabbagetastic meaning

Describes the greatness of an object, as long as this object is not cabbage.

Cabbage tits meaning

A word used to describe the worst breasts ever. Cabbage tits are usually very large, droopy, veiny tits and can be found on most obese women.