cabbage water meaning and definition

cabbage water meaning

The sweat that accumilates inbetween your butt cheeks on a hot summers day

cabbage water meaning

Watered down semen, usually occurring as a direct result of over-fapping.

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Cabbage White meaning

Common name given to the Cabbage Butterfly (species Pieris rapae), which is a small white butterfly that is widespread and populations can be found across Europe, North Africa, Asia, and Great Britain. It has also been accidentally introduced to North America, Australia and New Zealand.

cabbagey meaning

1. Resembling cabbage 2. Having an ambiguous but unpleasant quality; Dawsonesque.

Cabbagge meaning

Noun: carry-on baggage1. A person that accompanies you on a trip that does not necessarily have to be there, but insists so - like excess baggage.2. A person that is not relevant to trip itself nor participates in the events of the trip; they are usually needed in times of comfort - like your carry-on baggage.

cabbagggie meaning

containing cabage or havingto do with cabbage such as cole slaw

Cabbagina meaning

A vag that smells like rotting cabbage.

Cabbaging meaning

When your so high, and your chillin so hard, you feel like a cabbage.

cabbash meaning

The word is used to express and massive power of destruction applied over a person or object by another person or object.

cabbb meaning

A nice sexy bitch who has a 13.5 inch cock.

Cab Beer meaning

A beer (usually in a bottle) that needs to be consumed, but before it's finished, a cab is hailed. Since leaving a beer by itself is a form of alcohol abuse, you must sneak the beer into the cab and consume it while en route to your destination. This works well in conjunction with a "chicago", where a beer is passed around in order to consume it quickly. A "Cab Beer" is most easily performed in the back of a van-taxi, although certain species(ninja, pirate, lumberjack, chuck norris) can pull this off in a standard taxi. People who do "Cab Beer" should be held in the highest regard, for it is a sign of good taste and character.

cabbichoke meaning

A small undeveloped vegetable created by combining an artichoke and a cabbage.