Cabbagetastic meaning and definition

Cabbagetastic meaning

Describes the greatness of an object, as long as this object is not cabbage.

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Cabbage tits meaning

A word used to describe the worst breasts ever. Cabbage tits are usually very large, droopy, veiny tits and can be found on most obese women.

cabbagetology meaning

The religion based on irritating other religions that have silly customs that don't mean / do anything. also devoted to having fun in silly ways

Cabbageton meaning

Someone who laughs at jokes that they don't understand. usually the person is laughing at an inside joke that they aren't in on.

Cabbage Tots meaning

Another term for Brussels sprouts.

cabbage town meaning

An area in small towns with houses that are past the train tracks. This entire area is usually called Cabbage Town and people will most likely answer all your problems with "oh, it's because you're from Cabbage Town". Also where Ethan and Brooke live oh and also where angie used to live♥

cabbage vag meaning

A repulsively filthy and stanky vagina.

cabbage vagina meaning

a stinky pussy. you can get it from eating to much cabbage or beets

Cabbage Waptain meaning

a state of being

cabbage water meaning

Watered down semen, usually occurring as a direct result of over-fapping.

Cabbage White meaning

Common name given to the Cabbage Butterfly (species Pieris rapae), which is a small white butterfly that is widespread and populations can be found across Europe, North Africa, Asia, and Great Britain. It has also been accidentally introduced to North America, Australia and New Zealand.