Cabbagge meaning and definition

Cabbagge meaning

Noun: carry-on baggage1. A person that accompanies you on a trip that does not necessarily have to be there, but insists so - like excess baggage.2. A person that is not relevant to trip itself nor participates in the events of the trip; they are usually needed in times of comfort - like your carry-on baggage.

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cabbagggie meaning

containing cabage or havingto do with cabbage such as cole slaw

Cabbagina meaning

A vag that smells like rotting cabbage.

Cabbaging meaning

When your so high, and your chillin so hard, you feel like a cabbage.

cabbash meaning

The word is used to express and massive power of destruction applied over a person or object by another person or object.

cabbb meaning

A nice sexy bitch who has a 13.5 inch cock.

Cab Beer meaning

A beer (usually in a bottle) that needs to be consumed, but before it's finished, a cab is hailed. Since leaving a beer by itself is a form of alcohol abuse, you must sneak the beer into the cab and consume it while en route to your destination. This works well in conjunction with a "chicago", where a beer is passed around in order to consume it quickly. A "Cab Beer" is most easily performed in the back of a van-taxi, although certain species(ninja, pirate, lumberjack, chuck norris) can pull this off in a standard taxi. People who do "Cab Beer" should be held in the highest regard, for it is a sign of good taste and character.

cabbichoke meaning

A small undeveloped vegetable created by combining an artichoke and a cabbage.

cabbidoe meaning

calm, laid-back, or lasseiz-faire; cool, smooth

cabbie meaning

A wee guy that gets slapped on the coopin. He is also known as many names, midden, haddie, diddy, bumbag to name a few.

Cabbie Cake meaning

The wad of money a cab driver gathers in any given shift. Usually comprised of smaller denominations.