Cabbaging meaning and definition

Cabbaging meaning

When you take everything out of someones bag, turn it inside out, put everything back in and then zip it up. Usually also done to thing inside the bag like a pencil case. When this is turned inside out it is called Sprouting.

Cabbaging meaning

Cabbaging is a game in which players, known as Cabbagers, attempt to reach the oldest page on a website in a given number of clicks from a predefined starting point.

Cabbaging meaning

When your so high, and your chillin so hard, you feel like a cabbage.

Cabbaging meaning

Cabbaging is the act of having sex with a friends entire family at the same time, obviously the friends family are sick and enjoy incest anyway otherwise how else would YOU know them. Cabbaging also involves family pets, deceased family members and very often household furniture. Breaking laws on incest, necrophilia and the Ikea 12 month guarantee, Cabbaging is popular in many parts of the world. Mostly Germany.

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cabbash meaning

The word is used to express and massive power of destruction applied over a person or object by another person or object.

cabbb meaning

A nice sexy bitch who has a 13.5 inch cock.

Cab Beer meaning

A beer (usually in a bottle) that needs to be consumed, but before it's finished, a cab is hailed. Since leaving a beer by itself is a form of alcohol abuse, you must sneak the beer into the cab and consume it while en route to your destination. This works well in conjunction with a "chicago", where a beer is passed around in order to consume it quickly. A "Cab Beer" is most easily performed in the back of a van-taxi, although certain species(ninja, pirate, lumberjack, chuck norris) can pull this off in a standard taxi. People who do "Cab Beer" should be held in the highest regard, for it is a sign of good taste and character.

cabbichoke meaning

A small undeveloped vegetable created by combining an artichoke and a cabbage.

cabbidoe meaning

calm, laid-back, or lasseiz-faire; cool, smooth

cabbie meaning

A wee guy that gets slapped on the coopin. He is also known as many names, midden, haddie, diddy, bumbag to name a few.

Cabbie Cake meaning

The wad of money a cab driver gathers in any given shift. Usually comprised of smaller denominations.

cabbie shuffle meaning

The act of performing a smooth driving move while in a car.Derived from Chicago cab drivers performing questionable and slick moves to get through traffic faster.

cabbigian meaning

language spoken after smoking five or more cabbages.

cabbin meaning

cabbage-zoning out after smoking, come down of marijuana.