cabbie meaning and definition

cabbie meaning

A guy who drives a cab. This guy often doesn't speak much English, but he may have been a brain surgeon in his home country (Ukrania, Cambodia, Eritrea, pick one) so give him a little respect, especially if he drives like a total bad ass.

cabbie meaning

a blunt with cocaine sprinkled on it.

cabbie meaning

noun: a student who attends Cab Calloway School of the Arts. May be insane, crazy, and/or psycho according to wordly standards. Has a union with other cabbies. Can usually be seen doing stereotypical artsy things or attempting to bother chartards.

cabbie meaning

A wee guy that gets slapped on the coopin. He is also known as many names, midden, haddie, diddy, bumbag to name a few.

cabbie meaning

short hand speak for 'cant be arsed'

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Cabbie Cake meaning

The wad of money a cab driver gathers in any given shift. Usually comprised of smaller denominations.

cabbie shuffle meaning

The act of performing a smooth driving move while in a car.Derived from Chicago cab drivers performing questionable and slick moves to get through traffic faster.

cabbigian meaning

language spoken after smoking five or more cabbages.

cabbin meaning

cabbage-zoning out after smoking, come down of marijuana.

Cabbing meaning

Staring into blank space with no apparent thought at all. Often will be done by mentally challenged people, yet affects the wittiest of minds too. Most commonly done by australians.

cabbit meaning

A cat/rabbit hybrid. Exists in anime. Doesn't exist in the real world...but try telling some people that.

cabbitch meaning

(Noun) Used to describe a female who smells like a cabbage and is acting like a bitch.

Cab Blast meaning

Finger banging a chick in a Taxi Cab with your buddy sitting beside you trying not to watch - Usually on the way home after drinking excessively.

cabbotage meaning

Simply to sabotage something using a cabbage.

cabby meaning

A nickname given to the first generation rabbit convertible (available in USA from 1980 to 1993).