cabbotage meaning and definition

cabbotage meaning

Simply to sabotage something using a cabbage.

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cabby meaning

A nickname given to the first generation rabbit convertible (available in USA from 1980 to 1993).

cabby arsed meaning

Slang for "can't be arsed," meaning "can't be bothered."

Cabby Cab meaning

A very cool, good looking, and honorable person.

Cabby pits meaning

A description of bad body odor. Sometimes in reference to a smelly cab driver with body odor, "cabby pits", but can be used to describe any bad B.O.

Cab Calloway meaning

The inventor of swag

Cab Calloway School of the Arts meaning

A bohemain, mainly liberal arts school in Wilmington, Delaware dedicated towards providing both a good academic and artistic education. Best edu you will ever get! Worst food you will ever eat. Don't even think about the cafeteria food. Ever!

cab chaser meaning

Usually a Caucasian guy (but can be a girl) who only has a preference for women of Asian culture

cabcheese meaning

description of a person- saying they resemble old smelly cheese

CABD meaning

single word used to describe having sex.

cabdar meaning

when one has the x-men like ability to find a taxi from many blocks away while others are always searching. see taxi radar.