cabcheese meaning and definition

cabcheese meaning

description of a person- saying they resemble old smelly cheese

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CABD meaning

single word used to describe having sex.

cabdar meaning

when one has the x-men like ability to find a taxi from many blocks away while others are always searching. see taxi radar.

Cabdatyasip meaning

Is an acronym for a person who actively takes measures to step in dog shit.

Cab Driver meaning

Cocktail. Vodka & Cabernet Savignon on ice. Like a Screwdriver, only instead of orange juice, it's got Cabernet, ergo "Cab Driver". Get it?

Cab Drivers Ass meaning

Noun. Pathology.1. The condition of painful burning in between the butt cheeks caused by the mixture of fecal matter accidentally expelled during a previous farting fit and sweat pooling up between them over an extended period of time. Symptoms of localized pain elsewhere, such as the parts with the most weight or folding are also common. Almost exclusively happens while sitting in an uncomfortably hot environment.2. An extreme advancement of Swamp Ass. Most fatal cases are preceded by an untreated shart.Idiom.A case of cab driver's ass; inevitable: If you don't stuff some paper between those cheeks, you're gonna get a case of cab driver's ass.rel.Truck Driver's Ass, Semi Booty, Fat Fan Syndrome

Cabe meaning

white armpits

cabeal meaning

A NorCal rodent, terrorizes the streets of isla vista at night. Known to like Vodka.

cabeça oca meaning

Cabeça Oca (Empty Head; Cabeça-Head, Oca-Empty) - It's a brazilian way of calling those people who don't know or don't understand what themselves are doing. ' Cabeça Oca' - It's similar to 'burro' (dumb), but 'cabeça oca' has a slight intensity so the target person don't get offended by.Cabeça Oca - These words are used together in this form to name one or more fellows. When a person lack information and/or don't know how to do something obvious, you call him 'Cabeça Oca'. It's good to be familiar with the person you're calling this way.inútil

Cabeeb meaning

Assuming that every Cab Driver who is Middle Eastern has the first name of Habeeb/Habib. The word is a combination of Cab and first name.

cabeegosh meaning

"Bless you" is to sneezing as "Cabeegosh" is to coughing.