cacker juice meaning and definition

cacker juice meaning

a drink traditionally drank by cackers ( otherwise known as Lambrini) whilst engaging in sexual intercourse with underaged chavs.

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Cacker Whacker meaning

A tool or heavy blunt instrument used for whacking cackers.Often in the form of a half inch socket extension bar, Baseball Bat, Maglite style torch or any other item with similar weight and length. Usually kept behind the driver's seat of one's car or by the front door at a home and used mostly in self defense.It is also known to be another variation of the wider used and more poular term Nigger Beater.The term 'Cacker Whacker' has evolved from local dialect of the southern counties of England, in areas close to the Dorset/Hampshire border, and thought to have originated in the New Forest villages of Bransgore and Thorney Hill. This is where the Cackers run rife and Cacker Whacking, although illegal, is considered to be socially acceptable.To be found in posession of a Cacker Whacker in your motor vehicle is considered by English law to be a criminal offence. That is if the officer believes that the tool or instrument is there soley for the pupose of cacker whacking. This is why heavy item are used, but those with an alternative primary function ie a baseball bat to play baseball with. Acceptable if you have the accompanying ball in your vehicle, offensive weapon without. To avoid any conflict with the law, the suggested place for your Cacker Whacker is in the boot (Trunk) of your car where the police often overlook such items. However should you feel the need to keep it within arms reach be prepared to have to answer quetions if stopped by the police.

Cackeyed meaning

Totally Drunk and wasted-- beyond the point of comprehension.

cackfapped meaning

given to masturbation with the left handcf sinisterbation

cack gabbler meaning

a cocksucker

Cack Gash meaning

Cack meaning shit, faeces or poo. Gash being a womans reproductive organ or vagina. Cack gash invariably means a vagina that has been covered in a man or womans shit. This usually happens when a man, after deciding against sex, opts to shit over the ladys vagina. The lady can become incensed and throw fits of rage as a result.

cack gnabbler meaning

An adult female with braces and a face like a gremlin, who you are afraid might try to suck your cock in your sleep.

cack handed meaning

Someone who is cackhanded is lefthanded, and hence a clumsy fool who can't write or use a knife and fork properly.

Cack hatch meaning

The cack hatch is one of many alternative and interesting names for the common anus.

Cack head meaning

The essence of being a douche. This is almost like being a cock head but ment to be said with a very intense east Coast accent. This word is not to be confused with shit head even though the meaning is generally the same.

cack hit meaning

A really bad bong hit, or toke. Usually causing one to gack. This hit tastes like cack. Typically caused by a previous smoker failed to finish their hit