Cackeyed meaning and definition

Cackeyed meaning

Totally Drunk and wasted-- beyond the point of comprehension.

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cackfapped meaning

given to masturbation with the left handcf sinisterbation

cack gabbler meaning

a cocksucker

Cack Gash meaning

Cack meaning shit, faeces or poo. Gash being a womans reproductive organ or vagina. Cack gash invariably means a vagina that has been covered in a man or womans shit. This usually happens when a man, after deciding against sex, opts to shit over the ladys vagina. The lady can become incensed and throw fits of rage as a result.

cack gnabbler meaning

An adult female with braces and a face like a gremlin, who you are afraid might try to suck your cock in your sleep.

cack handed meaning

Someone who is cackhanded is lefthanded, and hence a clumsy fool who can't write or use a knife and fork properly.

Cack hatch meaning

The cack hatch is one of many alternative and interesting names for the common anus.

Cack head meaning

The essence of being a douche. This is almost like being a cock head but ment to be said with a very intense east Coast accent. This word is not to be confused with shit head even though the meaning is generally the same.

cack hit meaning

A really bad bong hit, or toke. Usually causing one to gack. This hit tastes like cack. Typically caused by a previous smoker failed to finish their hit

Cackhole meaning

A hole, or vagina, in which the cack, or cock , is placed

cackholster meaning

a term created by Omar (of michigan myspace chat) used to describe a skank, or a faggot who uses their mouth for for oral masturbation, has cock in their mouth, or consentingly sucks on cack cock. Is never used in a nice, or positive way