N14 meaning and definition

N14 meaning

N14 XIV North Side Norte

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N15 meaning

A vehicle designation bestowed only apon creations of exceptional qualities when used with a human name denotes low self esteem because they are trying to leech of the vehicles reputation

N15 M3h7A gene meaning

A complex gene found on chromosome 17, known for a strong correlation to extreme homosexuality to the point of bumming livestock for gratification.A strong connection exists between the N15 M3h7A gene and the 8R4D and 5YR0n genes.

N-16 meaning

1337 speak for Nig.

n1663r meaning

An alternative form of the word "nigger". This is used by people you type words with numbers.

n1664 meaning

the way fags who have no life and no business writing the word decide to write nigga

n166er meaning

IN RE: TO ""Alternate text-speak for "nigger.""".....ACTUALLY, YA KNOW WHAT... N/m. its SPOT ON!!! AHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WAIT A SEC, when you're trying to call a TALK RADIO STATION such as ww.freetalklive.com, ask the person who takes the calls b4 youre actually put on the air... ask him to spell out the word N166ER and see if he gets the joke, ahahahahaha, i also tend to use the word N166ER on CRAIGSLIST RANTS AND RAVES!!!

N1994 meaning

Pardon moi, Mistukai_O_Kuroi...+Cough.+ N1994 is a way to say Nigga around Niggaz, without getting your punk whitey ass dropped, thanks to Hirosuke.

n199a meaning

Another way of writing the derogatory term nigga. This often won't get picked up by e-mail blockers and mail scans. Neverthless, it's the old offensive 'N'-word.

N1B1 meaning

Nice 1 Best 1 ( Nice one , best one )

n1bu meaning

No one behind you? Commonly ussed on chats wich you do not want to be seen by someone you don't trust on the topic talken about.