n2mu meaning and definition

n2mu meaning

Nice to meet you, a type of greeting, when you first meet someone.

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n2my meaning

Acronym for 'Nice to meet you.' Used online.

N2N meaning

Acronym for "Next to Nothing." It uses "2" as a homophone in place of the word "to."

N2O meaning

Though this is also the chemical makeup of laughing gas, it is more known as the kick-ass clan on MapleStory (otherwise known from here on out as MS). In order for this to work, N2O must be apparent at the very beginning of any typical verb, noun, or even adjective, to become a MS clan icon.

N2O3 meaning

Nitrous TrioxideToxicity: None EstablishedFlammability limits in air: Highly OxidizingUN Number: UN2421DOT Hazard class (USA): Poison AMolecular weight: 76.01 g/molMajor Hazard: Inhalation and Bodily Contact

n2oin meaning

Doing nitrous oxide.

N2P meaning

Acronym standing for "need to pee". Usually used in instant message conversations in conjunction with brb when one has to momentarily excuse themselves to use the bathroom.

n2pbrb meaning

Need to pee be right back. for use in IM conversations where a bland brb might not suffice.

N2 poop fuck meaning

A man, A woman, and a vat of liquid nitrogen is needed for this sexual maneuver.After the man has loaded up on a hearty supper, it is time for him to go and participate in the act of intercourse with another woman. When the man gets over to the girl's house then they should start having sex and he should make sure that the girl is ready to be penetrated in her vagina. (The man should have eaten his meal approximately 3 hours prior to the encounter) once he feels fecal matter starting to be produced, he should poop just a tiny bit so that it comes out at around 4 inches away from his butt-hole, then he gets the liquid nitrogen and dips the poop, which should still be clinging to his anus, in the vat of liquid nitrogen. From this stage he must lay the girl on a bed, and then stick the poop into her, if he wants to let her decorate the piece of fecal matter with a marker, crayon, or etch a design into it, then so be it (it is highly recommended that she puts ribs into it for that extra pleasure. Once the fecal matter is inserted, he should then push his pelvis back and forth while having his hands in front of him, moving them back and forth to the rhythm of the humping (keep them in front of you for safety purposes). Once the girl is about to cum, he should stop, put it in as far as possible, and break off the piece of poop, which will end up space docking her.

n2s meaning

A place where a group of individuals gather in the backwoods of wilson all sharing a common bond and passion for motorbikes, dirt scooters, heem, cup and ball, beer, unusually large pinches of dip, and any other shenanigans that may occur

n2t meaning

"Need To Talk" in chatspeak