n2s meaning and definition

n2s meaning

note 2 self to remind you

n2s meaning

A place where a group of individuals gather in the backwoods of wilson all sharing a common bond and passion for motorbikes, dirt scooters, heem, cup and ball, beer, unusually large pinches of dip, and any other shenanigans that may occur

n2s meaning

Not too sure - undecided

n2s meaning

An abbreviation for "Nothing to Say". It's used to show that you're speachless. Instead of shutting the hell up. You write it.

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n2t meaning

"Need To Talk" in chatspeak

N2West meaning

It is Niagara Hall, second floor, West side, of Penn State Behrend. Specifically in the year of 2010-11. it is the epitome of everything in college that is awesome. hilarity will always ensue actions taken by 2west. damage charges and write ups are skyrocketing to record levels. there is probably more alcohol in 2west than the rest of the building... combined. Without doubt, 2west is better than 3east in any and every way possible, 3east is really gay. we might as well be a fraternity, cuz were all basically brothers. all in all: BEST COLLEGE HALL EVER

N3 meaning

An abberivated name for Ninety-Nine-Nights a game for the Xbox360

N30 meaning

November 30, 1999. The day Seattle got shut down for the second time(the first time was the general strike in 1919). The Battle for Seattle against the World Trade Organization(WTO).

n30n meaning

a stealthy death ninja, and generally really cool person

n33b meaning

Also known as Neeb The elite way of saying Neeb A noob A drunk person.

N33K meaning

leet for neek do i have to say any more

n33n meaning

H@xx0r jargon for 9 as in 9mm.

n33n3r meaning

H@xx0r talk for neener or 9mm.

n33t meaning

It means something is very kewl!