N30 meaning and definition

N30 meaning

November 30, 1999. The day Seattle got shut down for the second time(the first time was the general strike in 1919). The Battle for Seattle against the World Trade Organization(WTO).

N30 meaning

November 30th, 2000, and the protests which took place on that day. This was the biggest and best day of protests at the Seattle WTO summit (aka "Battle of Seattle" and, in media-whorespeak, "Seattle Riots"). There were also protests elsewhere on that day - e.g. at Euston Station in London (the first recorded use of the pigpen tactic against anti-capitalists, as cops tried to pen everyone into the station). Not very well-organised this time. A cop van got torched and this became an iconic image.

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n30n meaning

a stealthy death ninja, and generally really cool person

n33b meaning

Also known as Neeb The elite way of saying Neeb A noob A drunk person.

N33K meaning

leet for neek do i have to say any more

n33n meaning

H@xx0r jargon for 9 as in 9mm.

n33n3r meaning

H@xx0r talk for neener or 9mm.

n33t meaning

It means something is very kewl!

n3at meaning

from the long line of nerd used words that have the number 3 replacing the e

N3b meaning

A N3b is someone who naturally sucks at games and can't become any good at them. They are the opposite of a pro, who instantly pwns at all games and on a similar level of n00bs but they are not to be compared lightly.

N3bo meaning

A rapper from Reading, PA. The self proclaimed bingedrinker of the underground.

N3CR0M4NC3R meaning

A poser within the industrial scene who thinks he can make good OONTZ OONTZ by using pirated VST's and poor production..