Naaku meaning and definition

Naaku meaning

Newari word for penis.

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Naal meaning

Naal, a word thats been created from Anal via typo.

Naam meaning

The coolest Saudi Arabian girl you will ever meet. She is super chill, and she is way too funny! Everyone loves her.. and she is always a crowd favorite.

Naama meaning

To sympathise with someone. And/or to make light of a situation. Mothers, as we all know, are very important people. It is derived from an Indian language - a traditional way of saying "No Mum!". In the case of this saying, "Mum"/"Ma" is in place of the person's name, who is being sympathised with. To signify at the time of the person's annoyance/irritation/upsetness they are the most important person around.

naamah meaning

one who is repulsive

Naaman meaning

A rare irish name originating from hebrew, meaning 'pleasant'. Often associated with pleasant or hot looking guys.

naamat meaning

Being totally wasted, usually stoned. "Faced" would be english version of Finnish word "naamat"

naameen meaning

Juss a Gangsta way of sayin... "do u know what i mean"

naamras meaning

Someone who is a massive nerd and plays with younger children on minecraft

Naam sayn meaning

Naam sayn = Know what I am saying?

naan meaning

A hot girl