NAARP meaning and definition

NAARP meaning

National Association for the advancement of Red Haired People Similar to the NAACP but its serves the oppressed red haired people "gingers"

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Naartjie meaning

Is an orange

naasia meaning

Is a nice person have respect for otherVery energetic and kind loving and sexy

Naasiha meaning

A girl who loves to laugh at everything even when it's not funny. She is unable to keep things from people she cares about, and is extremely skinny. She loves to wear beanies, and has hot pink Vans.

naasir meaning

A smart, hilarious, awesome guy. He will be the kindest person you've ever met, and can do anything once he sets his mind to it. Extremely athletic and super smart. Anyone would die for him.

naassatall meaning

A woman with no ass at all

naaster meaning

the opposite of a ladies man. a man who does not talk to girls or has 0 chance of pussy.

naasty meaning

used to excentuate the grossness, of nastiness or something.

Naat meaning

A loud, comical, obnoxious way to say 'not' especially convienent for sarcastic tones.

naatgevriet meaning

Of Afrikaans origin. A descriptive word used to describe a person who:a) is an assholeb) is considered to be surface pretty/attractive, but hideous on the insidec) has a face which resembles an ass/buttTypically, a person you cannot stand to look at and whose very existence annoys the shit out of you. With or without reason.

NAATH meaning

When something is beyond "NICE" or "SUPER-COOL" then something is NAATH