naassatall meaning and definition

naassatall meaning

A woman with no ass at all

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naaster meaning

the opposite of a ladies man. a man who does not talk to girls or has 0 chance of pussy.

naasty meaning

used to excentuate the grossness, of nastiness or something.

Naat meaning

A loud, comical, obnoxious way to say 'not' especially convienent for sarcastic tones.

naatgevriet meaning

Of Afrikaans origin. A descriptive word used to describe a person who:a) is an assholeb) is considered to be surface pretty/attractive, but hideous on the insidec) has a face which resembles an ass/buttTypically, a person you cannot stand to look at and whose very existence annoys the shit out of you. With or without reason.

NAATH meaning

When something is beyond "NICE" or "SUPER-COOL" then something is NAATH

naathaanchod meaning

naathaan + chod(Hindi language) = naathaanchod naathaanchod - one who fucks naathaans, or naathaanfucker.

NAATP meaning

National Association for the Advancement of Tall People

naatyfull meaning

Only one girl in the world can be describes as naatyful, and she is the most beautiful girl in existance. Her beauty is undescribable by an actual word, which is why her boyfriend has a hard time telling her how beautiful she actually is. Her beauty is beyond everything thats amazing and just keeps getting even more beautiful by day. She is naatyful.

NAATZ meaning

a badass, sweet guy, super funny and....who looks hot in a uniform!

na-aubrey meaning

A unique name mixing black and white culture together. The name says it all its all smart out going funny as hell very sarcastic and not to mention they don't care what other people say about them! If you know a Na-Aubrey sucks to be you cause you want them in your corner!