naatyfull meaning and definition

naatyfull meaning

Only one girl in the world can be describes as naatyful, and she is the most beautiful girl in existance. Her beauty is undescribable by an actual word, which is why her boyfriend has a hard time telling her how beautiful she actually is. Her beauty is beyond everything thats amazing and just keeps getting even more beautiful by day. She is naatyful.

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NAATZ meaning

a badass, sweet guy, super funny and....who looks hot in a uniform!

na-aubrey meaning

A unique name mixing black and white culture together. The name says it all its all smart out going funny as hell very sarcastic and not to mention they don't care what other people say about them! If you know a Na-Aubrey sucks to be you cause you want them in your corner!

naava meaning

alexandra and fernando

naawp meaning

National Assn. for the Advancement of White People.

NAAY meaning

A really beautiful affectionate girl thats also a bad ass "naay" usually has a smart mouth but a big heart she is sweet but can be bitter sometimes she also has the courage to boost herself up because she has low self esteem

Naaz meaning

A name deriving from the Persian origin, usually used for females. Often mistaken for the hip hop artist "Nas." Women who have this name often like long walks on the beach. They are very knowledgeable, and like intellectual conversations.

Naazmi meaning

The sweetest bitch you'll ever meet

naazneen meaning

Never listens to anyone does her/him own thing very jolly and happy also a very happy person if she only trusted her friends but only has one specific secret sister this name also means hard and moody person naazneen listen

nab meaning

getting arrested by the police

Nabaa meaning

Nabba is a funny, lovable considerate person who always knows how to make an entrance. She is an awesome friend and can easily make people laugh.She is also a Harry Potter freak and she is the bestest friend anyone could hope for.