Oakford Lake meaning and definition

Oakford Lake meaning

A lake that resides in the center of New Egypt, the geographical center of New Jersey. It gives the look of utter repose and is more lifeless than the dead sea. Occasionally someone will catch a fish in the lake, but it does not happen often, and how the fish even survived in the water is a mystery all in itself. The reason for this is the simple fact that the lake is radioactive. The support to this claim lies in the existence of the two-headed frog, or the three feet on the two legged goose. This does not come as a shock, considering that the majority of the town was built on toxic waste dump sites, and hopefully we all know where the drainage goes to; through streets, into streams, eventually into lakes, and then on. The New Egypt well system and water supply will not be further commented on. The name is derived from a deal made a long time ago that no one really cares about. Basically, New Egypt was New Egypt, someone wanted it changed to Oakford, and in exchange they would pave our roads or something. The guy did not hold the deal through for some reason or another, but our lake stayed Oakford lake and our town went back to New Egypt. Regardless of this, it is also commonly called "New Egypt Lake". It is a popular rendezvous site for Middle and High School students to do nothing of importance, and for pot deals to be conducted as well.

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Oak Forest meaning

the best place to pop pills, get high, drink, many whores there(: alot of parties. youll always have fun here. everyone knows everyone, rumors get around. dont trust anyone. alot of fake people. they try to turn house parties into raves but it doesnt always work out. cops are pussies here, run & youll get away. also known as "cokeforest"; lots of coke heads. & alcoholics. best place to raise your child, theyll have fun here. hahahah oak forest high school is the place to go. oak fest is the shitttt. (this town isnt always like what im saying, its just how alot of people i hang out withh are) lots of preps, people in sports. stuck up people, fake people. lots of bad, crazy bitches (: that's pretty much all i can think of (: but shit, i have alot of fun there! & i dont even live there♥

Oakgasm meaning

The orgasmic feeling one experiences when hot water in the shower first hits the poison oak on your skin.

Oak Grove meaning

A small community in southern Mississippi (next to Hattiesburg) consisting of A mixture of hicks, blacks, Asians, hipsters, crackers, queers, lesbos, homophobes, hippies, white trash, Catholics, Methodists , a couple jews, And a ton of baptists.

oak grove deception meaning

The act of talking a big game and then backing out at the last minute. This phrase often involves a week of bullshit leading up to a road trip. On the road trip the guilty party, despite saying all week that they were going out to drink, decides to stay at the hotel and order pizza

oak grove school meaning

a shitty-ass school known as OGS. grades kindergarden-8th. teachers dont give a shit. known for kids that are out of control, addicted alcohol and drugs, and massive vandilism. are also very preppy. usually go to libertyville high school. students known as Grovers. average loss of virginity :13.

Oak Hall meaning

This school has some of the worst and best things. It has some horribly inattentive faculty memories, and teachers -do- play favorites. There are those who get away with everything, and those that get away with nothing - there is no medium. The teachers are chill and pretty damn awesome if you pay attention - however the morning assembly has the WORST music and is so boring you will fall asleep. The field trips are pretty rockin' - but the "Fr3$h M3N!!" always suck. always.Usually referred by oakhallians as Oak Hell.

Oakham meaning

Appalling school, made worse by the fact it's sister school is Uppingham. Pupils from this school have rich parents with no status. You cannot achieve such things through sending your child to a school, especially this one.

Oakhanger meaning

a very sophisticated villige full of delightful smart people situated between binsted and whitehill,not bordon.

oak harbor meaning

A small city on Whidbey Island in Washington. Mostly inhabitted by asians, despite its dutch roots. there is also a navy base there. It isn't very diverse and has a horrible reputation, mostly for how boring it is, but in reality if you've spent enough time there you find legitamately enjoyable features about it, and it gains a certain charm.

Oak Hill meaning

The dullest town in America. People have no teeth, and can't speak proper English.