Pizzaghetti meaning and definition

Pizzaghetti meaning

1. (noun) The mix of a pizza and spaghetti. This meal, the worst culinary decision of your life, may be served in various forms.a. Pizza with spaghetti on the side b. Pizza with spaghetti sauce on top c. Pizza with spaghetti AND sauce on top2. (noun) Any bad decision which is obviously bad to everyone else but you. May also be used to describe a serious mistake you've made.

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Pizza Ghost meaning

A game that is typically played in a drunken state of mind. You must acquire the munchies by whatever means necessary in order to begin game play. The participant then orders multiple slices of pizza. As the munchies take over, the pizza will magically disappear. This game is really fun and also really really scary!

Pizza Girl meaning

When a man has love at first sight. He falls for the pizza girl after just one short encounter (often just a few words are exchanged), yet afterwards he wonders why he didn't get down on one knee and propose. Most pizza girls are never actually obtained because the subject was really drunk and the girl was hideous, the girl was way out of his league, or he fucked it up on the second time he approached her because he was too nervous. Pizza girls are also often replaced by a new pizza girl the following week when he meets another random girl at a party and is so drunk he thinks he loves her too. Never steal a man's pizza girl.

pizza goal meaning

Some professional hockey teams award free pizza to fans in attendance if their team scores a certain number of goals in a game (i.e., 6). The pizza goal is the goal which sends the fans home with pizza.

Pizzagogo meaning

The patch name for the strings pizzicato factory preset patch in the Roland D-50 synthesizer. "Pizzagogo" seems to be a word play on pizzicato.

pizza grease meaning

a boy who doesnt shower and is slease. unfortunately i never noticed the smell, looked past the greasy hair, belived in him, and fell in love. he broke my heart. he is complete slease.

pizza guard meaning

The scarred piece of skin at the top of your mouth that gets burnt when eating hot pizza. Its function is to protect the rest of the mouth.

pizza guy meaning

The person we all love that brings pizza to our doors

Pizza Guzzler meaning

Customer complains at a pizza place, so you tell them to come back behind the front counter and suck your dick, while your about to cum, cum all over the pizza, then she leaves and eats the pizza

Pizzah meaning

Adding flare or flavor to foods; not exclusive to Italian.

pizza haircut meaning

An entirely unique, extremely disturbing hairstyle whose existence and appearance are ambiguous at best. The first such haircut was observed on the person of Casey of Columbus AKA Nalani AKA Calisa.