Scott-chop meaning and definition

Scott-chop meaning

The act of karate chopping an annoying kid in the adam's apple.

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scott city, ks meaning

a little half horse town, that there is nothing to do but eat and party. A place where they think they need big schools and hospitals to keep the place running when what they have is suffucient for the town size

scottclarked meaning

First coined on the ESPN Fantasy Focus Podcast on 9/7/2016, the term refers to the act of picking up a fantasy football player that you know your friend is targeting right before they are able to take them in the draft.

scott cousins meaning

Hard hitting, hard baller for Tampa Bay Rays who in 2011 delivered a CLEAN and PERFECTLY LEGAL hit on San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey (that was obviously set up to protect the plate in a totally awkward, and INCORRECT manner!) while running to home plate from 3rd base that ended up unintentionally breaking Buster's leg and tearing ligaments in his ankle but ultimately scoring the run! thank you Barry Larkin for agreeing on Baseball tonight episode aired on 6/2/2011!!!!

Scott crush meaning

1. Having an intense crush on someone completely out of your league for an extended period of time.2. Being unnecessarily mentally attached to a person with the hope that one day they will speak to you and notice what a catch you really are.

Scott Davis meaning

American Slang. (n.) 1. A bearded retard. 2. Grown man who cries when teased by his peers. 3. An unloved child. 4. High ass. 5. A batting practice pitcher. 6. A guy who still waits tables after he graduates college.

Scott Disick meaning

A man with the sass of a thousand gay men. Not afraid to say what he thinks.

Scott Dissick meaning

Scott Dissick is a socialite and businessman from New York. He is best known for his appearances on keeping up with the Kardashians where he and Kourtney Kardashian have a child together. Allot of people are put off by his persona on the show, however in real life he is a true gentleman. He is probably the best dressed cast member of KUWTK.

Scott Draper meaning

An expression you would use if you would like to express your wanting to have sexual relations with a lady. Comes from the name "Scott Draper" the famous Australian tennis player, and is meant to be rhyming slang with "rape her" or "rape 'er".

scotted meaning

A Verb to describe a person, usually a female or some participating in a meat-train, being raped or being asked to go somewhere to be raped. This is usually carried out discreetly whilst in loud place (e.g. A CLUB!! ..cough..) via the touching of the shoulder, followed by the words "Orite babe? Wana go for a swim?".

Scott effect meaning

When you hang out with someone named Scott and have so much fun that you stay up late into the night and sleep all day the next day or feel extremely tired. However, the satisfaction and fun gained from the night before makes up for the tiredness.