s2pedia meaning and definition

s2pedia meaning

Another form of wiki-pedia but for the Honda S2000. Some might know this source to be found at S2KI.com. but there is only 1 true S2Pedia and he goes by the name Chase. To be a S2Pedia you must without a hesitation know what is and what is not acceptable for any modification and how it is done. He can be considered the god of the s2000 to many but only few only understand the power of his knowledge. He also knows Rio yellow is the best and fastest color S2000

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s2r meaning

"send 2 receive" It's used by people online who want to trade pictures of themselves with each other, to make it simple.

S2S meaning

Verb- To surf internet pornography "site to site". This is the most common way of viewing internet porn. Many times you click on a link which sends you to an entirely new site, which leads you to another new site.

S2UOM meaning

Speak To You On Monday

S2US meaning

"Speak to you soon" Shortened common sign off.

S3 meaning

Stands for "Super Simple System". Mainly used to demonstrate computer program/subroutine complexity.

S30 meaning

(1).The most bitchin car ever made, that only extremely hot people who are cool as shit can drive.(2).The act of sex (3). God's car if he had one. 240z datsun

s33d meaning

he is the one, the only, the great member of plasma, computer h4x0r and a d00d

S33Ker meaning

An audio visionary that enables lesson learning through creativity and different views of ideals. in sense that you can learn by listening, you can apply the same learning traits using any other sense such as sight, touch, smell, and/or taste. with the 5 basic senses we understand, what kind of world can you build based off of imagery blended from any combination?

s3d meaning

also see gay or homo-erotic

S3K meaning

A group of great hackers/haxor/hax0r/hax: MattyPatty, S3KEdwardHeartsU, DB and ******Stage3000.net best hacks on earthFunny and serious at the same time