scott buhler meaning and definition

scott buhler meaning

Any type of complete failure at everything. Also anyone that needs to GET GOOD!!

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Scott Burnside meaning

Stupid tool who does not check his facts when writing articles. Typically he makes fun of people who have far more money and far more power then he could ever think of having.

Scott Burrows meaning

A Scott Burrows is that shitty kid in your science class that does weird things with his nose, pickes up on fads three years after they are over. He is constantly being nothing but a downer.

Scott Bynum meaning

Tall, funny, Athletic, and Damn good lookin too. used when describing someone with these characteristics

Scott Caan meaning

The sexy actor known for his roles in Oceans 11; Oceans 12 & Oceans 13; Entourage; and Hawaii Five-0. (NOTE: there are many more these are just a few!) His father is famous actor James Caan.

Scottcation meaning

(N) Skot-kay-shun: The official cutting of all ties with a horny douchie wangster with a jew fro who likes sex but is most likely a virgin. See also: Waltcation, first kiss, drunk bastard, I'd rather shove tampons up your nostrils, and Christmas break.

Scott Caving meaning

Descending into a self-indulgent vacuous state of existence, shafting all your friends drugs into your anus (caving), delaying their high, for your own personal gain.

Scott Cawthon meaning

Indie Developer of the Five Nights at Freddy's trilogy. He created the games based on bad reviews of his previous games, critics said to have likened the characters to "creepy animatronics". Cawthon then went into a deep depression for a while, then decided to use this to his advantage, thus, Five Nights at Freddy's was created.

Scott-chop meaning

The act of karate chopping an annoying kid in the adam's apple.

scott city, ks meaning

a little half horse town, that there is nothing to do but eat and party. A place where they think they need big schools and hospitals to keep the place running when what they have is suffucient for the town size

scottclarked meaning

First coined on the ESPN Fantasy Focus Podcast on 9/7/2016, the term refers to the act of picking up a fantasy football player that you know your friend is targeting right before they are able to take them in the draft.