scotten meaning and definition

scotten meaning

Niet op komen dagen bij een feest of activiteit

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Scotter meaning

250 pounds of skin, bone, flesh, chest hair, pizza, and for it's incomprehenable grammar, and antics. This "thing" can usually be found on a couch, a bed or a kitchen where it devours anything it can put in it's mouth. It's favourite past-times are chewing tabacco, drinking large amounts of cheap, dime a dozen beer. He also enjoys staying out late with "friends". The Scotter has been known to intrigue, or to be intrigued by nearly anything that is going through his cat like attention spam of a brain. The Scotter often sports a large playoff like beard, and wears tacky clothes that lead him to absolutely no tail.

Scotterhorn meaning

the name Scott gives his he-he.

scottery meaning

Scottery is something you would say if you wanted to get away "scott-free". This can be applied whenever you say something that warrants a hit. The use of the word would negate the need for a hit. An abbreviation of "scott-free" like scottery can be used in many ways, and its application is broad.

scottevest meaning

A company that does not let you return items after you wear try the cloths on

scottext meaning

(noun) a text message sent to someone in order to obtain paper when you discover the roll is empty after dropping a giant bowlscraper in the tank.

Scott-faced meaning

Scott-faced is a state of inebriation where the person is groggy, can't stay awake, and is not aware of their own state of being. Similar to a person that has taken too much of an opiate or benzo, or consumed too much alcohol, and refuses to acknowledge this state, preferring to blame it on lack of sleep or sickness. Sometimes referred to as being scootered.

Scott Farted meaning

A phrase used by many in the 805, typically said after someone drops something or screws something up. Also used to break the awkward silence when your chilling with friends.

Scott Fayner meaning

Scott Fayner n. 1. An "avid" writter in todays adult industry. A drug enthusiast to say the least, crack head to say the most (Seymour Butts). For what he lacks in news, he makes up for in creativity. adj. 1) to love cocaine. 2) to have a small and crooked penis. 3) to be nearly as famous as the butler from fresh prince.

scott finn meaning

an outgoing kinda guy whos always busy with something to do and hard to get an opionin from.

Scott Fitzgerald meaning

What REAL fans call the writer. (Frances) Scott Fitzgerald would certainly have not gone around calling himself F. Scott. He was a writer who had it all: class, charm, genius and alcohol dependence. He loved the bottle, but by god, that's no crime. Scott Fitzgerald helped Hemingway get published with Charles Scribner and Sons, a fact people often overlook. In return, Hemingway treated him like a douche. Scott Fitzgerald is the original rock star writer, making as much as 3,000 dollars for a short story to the Saturday Evening Post (This is in the twenties mind you, so imagine the equivalence in today's economy). He wrote hard, drank harder, and died tragically at forty four in Hollywood.