Tablegating meaning and definition

Tablegating meaning

V (Tey-buhl-gey-ting) a. To go to a restaurant such as Buffalo Wild Wings to watch a sporting event.

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table general meaning

The person who directs the movement, placement, and direction of food at the dinner table, particularly at a large meal or gathering. This can be achieved by democracy, but is more typically dictated by strength of character and who has the best spatial relations... or just the most experience with food.

Table Genie meaning

When playing a poker game, the Table Genie is the person at the table who seems to have all the luck go their way. They hit every flop, make every draw, and continue to get the nuts up against the semi-nuts. They are virtually unstoppable and should be avoided at all costs, else you will end up sitting on the ringside cursing the Table Genie.

table girl meaning

a usually tall, generically pretty, immaculately groomed girl who is invited to a table at a club because she will raise the status of the men who have booked the table. table girls are expected to take limited part in the socializing of the men but are generally expected to laugh along at jokes and talk with the other table girls and girlfriends.

Table Goblin meaning

A mysterious bipedal creature known to inhabit BBQ restaurants in northern Florida. The creature is approximately 5'6" weighing around 115 pounds. It's table cleaning skills are surpassed by no known human being and it has an uncanny ability to clean debris beneath tables without the use of a broom. Another observed ability of the table goblin is its ability to squeeze into closets and unjam doors. The table goblin has been observed at several parties in the 850, often sippin' on red label Smirnoff or carrying around a bottle of José Cuervo. If you encounter this creature, take special care to keep your woman close by. The table goblin posses irresistible charm and just might take your girl back to his lair to lend her some goblin sauce. Known Haunts: Goodman's BBQ of Perry, FL

Table Gooch meaning

The seam where where where two independent tables come together to form a larger table to when pulling two or more independent tables together

table grade meaning

a middle age woman good looking enough to be have her pussy eaten on the dining room table

table grav meaning

a gravity bong collected from leftover weed/marijuana on your table. usually collected out of desperation and often times includes non-marijuana material such as dust, dirt, food, etc.

table gravy meaning

The mixture of liquid and food waste on a table, fresh or dry. When dry it is often sticky.

Table groceries meaning

1. Noun, The groceries one eats first, either on the way home from the store or while unpacking all the groceries2. Adjective, term used to describe a beautiful woman

Table Gypsy meaning

1. A person who goes from table to table stealing food. 2. A homeless guy who survives by livng in all-you-can-eat buffets, usually accompanied by moist-towelette-sponge-baths.