tælp meaning and definition

tælp meaning

En veldig tynn, spinkel liten fyr. En pinne av en person.

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Taelyn meaning

noun. Someone who is very pretty and amazingly intelligent. She is often known to tell very detailed and insightful stories for any given situation.

Taelynn meaning

said tay-lynn; someone to be jealous of. By far the best, fucking glorious, and ridiculously AWESOME person you could possibly meet. Taelynns are truly unique people who are way too nice for thier own good, do stupid things that make you laugh endlessly, but are genuinely smart. you can't possibly hate on a Taelynn because they are just too damn good, and if you do hate on a Taelynn she'll probably kick your ass in two seconds flat, only one second if she doesn't want to waste time. Taelynn's are naturally beatuiful both inside and out and really easy to get along with. She attracts the fellas like nothing, but only the best are up to par so don't just brush her off. If you know a Taelynn you are truly blessed

taelyr meaning

The biggest bitch you will ever meet. Usually Mormon. Very stuck up. Thinks she has a Kim K ass but really doesn't. lies about kissing boys when she can't get none. Hates people for no reason. Breaks up with her bf, gets mad when he dates another girl then starts liking him again. Super fake and talks shit about people but then becomes bestfriends with that person.

Taeman meaning

Taemin from SHINee is now a Taeman. Not a woman. He is also not innocent anymore. ACCEPT IT FOOLS.

Taemin meaning

Taemin is a first name. Preferably for a male / boy / man. It is not a known name and usually given to offspring of very creative parents. There are many origins of this unique name. One of them deriving from a genius young lady, Molly, in California. Taemin males are intelligent, athletic, curious, creative, handsome, and witty to no extent. They are unequaled and will eventually rule the world. Taemin is NOT a name for a female.

Taeminican meaning

1. (noun) To act like someone you're not;(noun) A Korean person believing he's Dominican.

Taemint meaning

taemint is a fan name for the fans of SHINee's lee taemin. they are usually filthy as hell, use the word 'oppa' ironically and yell a lot. avoid at all costs. the leader of the cult is taemin's fellow co-worker kim jonghyun.

taemir meaning

a very big person that all the lady want to get with . everyone loves him

tae mofo meaning

Not a traditional martial art like tae kwon do, but rather the art of talking jive, trash or smack.

taemon meaning

A swagger king, if you aren't with him yet you should me. tends to cheat though.