tab limit meaning and definition

tab limit meaning

the amount of tabs a person is willing to keep up on their browser before closing all but one

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tablit meaning

The non-adhesive corner of the sticker found on most apples, bananas, and other produce used for ease of sticker removal

Tablo meaning

Tablo, also known as Daniel Armand Lee or À̼º¿î, is the leader of a korean hip-hop/rap group called Epik High. Epik High consists of three people ~ (MC) Tablo - Leader/Lead Rap and Vocals (MC) Mithra Jin - Secondary Rap and Vocals TuKutz - DJ (this kids got magic fingers) Date of Birth: July 22nd 1980 Place of Birth: Korea (then moved to Canada when he was 8) High School: Seoul International High School Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, reading books Favorite musicians: Marvin Gaye, Nas, Loveholic, Nell, Kim Tae Woo Before his debut in Korea, he was part of an underground group called the 4n Objects. Tablo has completed his Masters degree in English Literature at Stanford University in 2002. He was also a Creative Writing major. It is also rumored that he was at the top of his class. He speaks fluent English, Korean, and Japaneese. He has been in countless music, drama, award, comedy, and game shows.

tablocking meaning

videotaping any performance using your tablet held above your head thus blocking the view of everyone behind you.

tablog meaning

“Tablog”‘ is a neologism (a portmanteau word conjoining “tabloid” and “blog”) and refers to a specific form of blog, usually maintained by an individual or organization, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, graphics, video, and with links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The element that distinguishes a tablog from other forms of blogs is the selection of material or means of presentation, which tends to sensationalize, emphasize or exaggerate for effect, and which often focuses on scandalous information relating to the personal lives of celebrities or of members of their target industry.

tabloid meaning

A magazine full of gossip and made up stories, usually written by bums who can't get a job at a normal magazine industry.

Tabloid Aesthetic meaning

A phrase coined by fashion designer Steves Peeps in 2017. It conveys an "I don't give a fuck" attitude. It is loosely tied to the outfits and styles Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan would wear in 2007 during the TMZ/tabloid explosion of the 2000's. Items can include :A Chanel purse Tom Ford sunglasses Coach bag Blinged out T-mobile sidekick Saint Laurent Jeans A Starbucks cup.

Tabloid Baby meaning

1. A television producer who got his or her start on one of the tabloid television shows.2. A baby squirted out by a celebutard like a Kardashian.3. The book about tabloid television.

Tabloid Junkie meaning

Someone who believes anything from the Tabloids, even believing the stupidest of rumors without any proof. People like this usually have a low IQ, and can't think for themselves.

tabloid puppet meaning

A tabloid puppet is a person who uses the mainstream media as their main source for information on political and entertainment matters. This person will believe almost anything, even the most ignorant rumors and slanderous lies, as long as its on TV or in a magazine, without any factual proof.Tabloid puppets do not ever research and investigate the information that the media claims is true, which is usually half of the time fact mixed with rumor, false information, and random shit someone made off their head. Because of this, tabloid puppets can be very politically unaware and base their conclusions off of false affirmations. Tabloid puppets do not question what is said on their TVs or in the magazines, on the contrary, they spread the information to friends and colleagues.Most tabloid puppets are educated through the brainwashing minds of CNN and FOX News and other various news networks. The more ignorant, gullible tabloid puppets usually watch shows such as "Entertainment Tonight", "Access Hollywood" and "TMZ". Don't get me started on magazines, those are even worse.Unfortunately, the majority of the American public are tabloid puppets, and such make poor conclusions daily on politicians, celebrities, and other prominent figures shown in the mass media.

tabloidroid meaning

One who is compelled to repeat the language from any Faux character at all, while itching his butt.