Table Dressing meaning and definition

Table Dressing meaning

Noun - A phrase used to describe a person who drops a large amount of crumbs on a table or surface and or the crumbs that were dropped.

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table drugs meaning

drug residue left over after doing drugs on a table

Table Eater meaning

An anime girl who uses tables to masturbate as her vagina is so loose.

Table Ender meaning

sexual intercourse that takes place on or at the end of a table.

table envy meaning

The feeling of jealousy you get when you are at seated around a table at some social gathering and you notice that the people seated at the other end of the table are having much more fun, talking and laughing loudly.

table face meaning

A particular form of deepface using a solid surface to prevent too much wriggling and/or enjoyment on her part

Table faced meaning

1. Being incredibly intoxicated.2. Beating some one up to the point their face bleeds.

table family meaning

a family who believe they own the ice rink or sports area.a hairy man wearing a baseball cap. & various family including a daughter who dances, growls, never changes clothes and only has her fringe cut bowl head when visiting annual hairdressers.BELIEVED TO LIVE UNDER THE TABLE DUE TO MORE THAN REGULAR OCCURANCE AT ICE RINK

Table Fancy meaning

Table Fancy:noun/verb/adjective/etc.: 1. A person that is amazing. 2. a thing that is amazing. 3. The act of being amazing. 4. A fancy and quite perilous adventure. 5. Intense round of fisticuffs.

Tablefigging meaning

A fetish wherein one derives pleasure from watching Teenage Boys Looking at Lesbian Fisting Guides (TBLLFG). (Incidentally, the psychological term for this would be Puerostudiosapphopugnusadoctrinophilia)

Table Five meaning

adj. gross; v. to vomit