table head meaning and definition

table head meaning

A blowjob given from beneath a table.

table head meaning

a person with a very flat top of the head, on which things could be placed

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table hit meaning

scraping up small pieces of reefer from a surface used to roll a blunt/joint and packing a bowl with it

Tablehooter meaning

A "tablehooter" is a cheap sounding electronic keyboard for the beginner market. Often considered toy keyboards. From the German "tischhupe" which roughly describes a tabletop car horn array.Some otherwise completely useless tablehooters are sought after by music producers for their unique tonal attributes (or more accurately, perhaps, for their obscurity value).

table hopper meaning

a person who always walks to someone else table with or without reason.

tableing meaning

The Act of the dominant figure in a relationship getting so horny in waiting for sex with their partner that they "snap" and force sexual activity upon their partner wherever they are. The term Tableing is derived from this scenario happening in a restaurant.

Tableitis meaning

The disease was first commonly found in the mid 17th century, With sugar plantations across the globe and monetary currencies being shipped from one side map to the other there were many pirates fighting each other for the prize while starving at the same time. Their limbs were slowly lost and reverting to a more natural solid wooden state.The disease can be stopped if caught in time but if you ignore the symptoms eventually all four limbs will become wooden and your body will have fully converted into an antique wooden table. The remains of these long lost sea travelers can be found in antique shops and more commonly on TV on GPTV's Antiques Road Show - Tables Table Tables.

tablejacking meaning

making an unwarranted advance on somebody else's table, and camping there until closing time (or until you pay them to leave). similar to carjacking, but it involves more beer.

Table Jew meaning

The person at the table that figures out how to split the bill. Usually Asian or Jewish.

table jockey meaning

term used for a waiter/waitress

table joke meaning

Table Joke: a flat out terrible joke that is usually used as a conversation filler EX: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Table Knock meaning

A-To give notice to another person by knocking with the knuckles upon a table top when frustrated with said person.B-To mark one's territory when concerning a loved one, like a dog pissing on its front lawn.C-To make one's presence felt.