Table Monkey meaning and definition

Table Monkey meaning

Is a girl or a group of girls that go to a night clubs mainly in Vegas and try to join tables of people they don't know mostly men and drink all the free booze. Once the bottles are empty like monkeys they bounce to next table without hooking up with any male(s) at the table. Can also be known as a bottle rat. This helps boost night clubs bottom line as bottle service helps with night clubs bottom line and increase profits with more bottle orders etc.

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table muscle meaning

someone's huge belly.

Table Nachos meaning

A small crisp piece of a tortilla, typically topped with melted cheese and spices, and are shared with friends. They typically sit in the middle of the table for all to share, and give joy and happiness to everyone involved.

table nazi meaning

Not Cody Holmes, but Cody Holm, the Prime Minister of the Fourth Reich of the Foosball Table. He has been out of action recently, probably planning his next holocaust.

tableness meaning

Short for "tap-ableness". It's a measurement of how fuckable a person is. Similar to sex-appeal.

Table nine meaning

A group of very fugly people. It's derived from the Adam Sandler movie "The Wedding Singer".

table niner meaning

someone who's unpartnered and wants to be partnered

Table Noise meaning

The food that sits uneaten, and adds no value to the overall meal.

tablenuts meaning

nickname given to a loose woman who likes to fondle balls underneath a table; usually at a social event or dinner

Table of Indie meaning

Emo - Scene - Indie - Hipster - Metro A table helping to identify a specific subcategory of human, usually male.

Table Olympics meaning

When a group of people or one person decides to run across tables in the school cafeteria. Also known as table hopping.