Table Olympics meaning and definition

Table Olympics meaning

When a group of people or one person decides to run across tables in the school cafeteria. Also known as table hopping.

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Table One meaning

When you get old. At parties you are seated at table one.

Table out meaning

Mainly used in context of wanting to leave quickly Also another term for goodbye, Kind of like a "Peace out"

Table Party meaning

A table party involves the use of a glass table, and a minimum of two people. One person lays under the glass table, while the other person takes a shit on the glass. Table parties are one of the few shit party games, as several people can participate at once.

Table Pennis meaning

After completing the intense game of Navy Seals, you must keep your dicks out and hit them on the side of a table at 30 bpm for as long as you can stand it. Last one to stop is the winner.

Table pizza meaning

A pizza for sharing amongst a group, typically ordered as a side dish to main meals.

table poaching meaning

The act of patrons staking out and claiming a table in a "seat yourself" lounge/restaurant before staff is given a fair chance to buss it off or previous customers leave. This usually happens during a dinner-rush.This results in the server becoming annoyed and having to awkwardly reach over and make "small talk" with customers as they wipe off the previous mess.

Table Pounder meaning

A conversation you get in that one person gets so worked up they hit the table. Usually to get someone attention or to show anger.

table pussy meaning

eating pussy on a table with a spoon

tablequake meaning

The vibration you feel when someone else's PDA or cellphone vibrates on the table at which you are sitting, especially when that device is unseen and unheard.

table queen meaning

An individual who is highly particular about where they sit in a restaurant and will make a hostess wait while they locate the best table and/or have the hostess move them if a "better" table becomes available.