table queen meaning and definition

table queen meaning

An individual who is highly particular about where they sit in a restaurant and will make a hostess wait while they locate the best table and/or have the hostess move them if a "better" table becomes available.

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Table Rape meaning

When only a few people inhabit a table, but when a popular person joins, the table overflows with annoying people. Permanently...or until the cool kid leaves.

Tablero meaning

A drinking game played with a board divided into 49 squares (7 X 7) and seven shot glasses. Originally created by participants of the Society for Creative Anachronism SCA.

table rocked meaning

The sickness one acquires after eating anything, no matter how safe it seems... at table rock cafe at boise state campus. Symptoms include: Indigestion, diarrhea, upset stomach, just feeling like shit. Cure: drinking ridiculous amounts of coors or corona with lime.

table sauce meaning

Otherwise known as "salt tablets," commonly used by athletes for rehydration. Highly discouraged by health fitness professionals.

table saw meaning

A combination of the terms table, meaning a horizontal plane on which to engage in coitus, and saw, being an acronym for "Short and Wide". The meaning is to engage in sexual intercourse with an obese midget, doing so on a table.

tablescape meaning

Designing a dining table (for a dinner party) with useless, cheap and tacky knicknacks, usually with some kind of lame-assed theme. And usually they are nowhere as inexpensive as she likes to claim. Allegedly created by Food Network hack Sandra "Semi-Homemade" Lee.

Table Scout meaning

Someone who breaks into your house eats all your foood and falls asleep on the table

Tablescrapping meaning

To "take whatever you can get"; even if it is things that the pet wouldn't venture through.

tablescraps meaning

Table scraps (abrv. – scraps) Residue of any bodily fluids, sexual or vital, found remaining on the table after a table time incedent. In some social groups it is considered an honour to be allowed to dine upon the table scraps. In others it is frowned upon and a damp cloth used to erase any staining. It is for this reason that most table time incidents now take place over wipe clean surfaces.

table shaker meaning

banging a girl so hard on a table