Table Scout meaning and definition

Table Scout meaning

Someone who breaks into your house eats all your foood and falls asleep on the table

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Tablescrapping meaning

To "take whatever you can get"; even if it is things that the pet wouldn't venture through.

tablescraps meaning

Table scraps (abrv. – scraps) Residue of any bodily fluids, sexual or vital, found remaining on the table after a table time incedent. In some social groups it is considered an honour to be allowed to dine upon the table scraps. In others it is frowned upon and a damp cloth used to erase any staining. It is for this reason that most table time incidents now take place over wipe clean surfaces.

table shaker meaning

banging a girl so hard on a table

table shower meaning

Washing of the body by another person, usually asian woman, while laying on a table. First face down then on your back so particular attention can be paid to private parts

table slapping meaning

The act of dick slapping a person on the table while ejaculating thus lauching cum everywhere

table slut meaning

That person who sits at different lunch tables everyday,just to switch up their routine,regardless if the people at different tables like them or not. This corresponds with sluts being all up on other guys.A table slut is to different lunch tables,as a slut is to different guys. Hence the term, table slut.

Table Spam meaning

All that space-taking crap you find on tables at restaurants--extra drink menus, desert menus, weekly specials menus, Direct TV ads. . .

tablespoon meaning

Using table utensils for spooning on top of a table.

Tablespoon Coon meaning

An honorific bestowed by an African-American upon a non African-American in recognition of said persons above-average level of blackness. Quite a bit of black in you.

table spot meaning

A part in a Professional Wrestling match where the participants will use a table as a weapon, most commonly putting one person through the table.