table stalk meaning and definition

table stalk meaning

the act of stalking someone or watching them from across a table or other form of surface and noticing subtleties that others would not be aware of. this usually applies to close friends but can sometimes relate to a plain old creeper

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table-stalking meaning

When you are at a resturant without a waiter that is really crowded, and you look for people that look almost done with their food and stay near their table until they leave, so you can get the table before other people.

tablesuck meaning

to suck or lick something up from a table. Usually alcohol.

table surf meaning

The table surf is the act of looking for another table that is better than the one you are either sitting at or planning to sit at.

Table Surfing meaning

the act of loosing the cap of a salt shaker so that the next person who uses it creates an ocean of salt on there entree, thus ruining their meal

table swipe meaning

Noun- When two horny individuals need some immediate action and the nearest surface is covered with miscellaneous items, one person passionately swipes everything off of the surface and the two jump on to get it on.

tablet meaning

Short for "Digitizing tablet". A flat, thin plastic tray-like object that connects to a computer via USB ports and can control the computer mouse with the included stylus. Quite useful for drawing/graphic designing.

tablet addict meaning

A person addicted to their electronic tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tablet, Kindle Fire, etc.). This person can often be seen with a tablet pressed up to their face as they walk around. They often smash into people or objects, only to apologize and continue walking with the tablet pressed up to their face.

Tabletage meaning

(ta-bləh-ˌtäzh) noun, transitive verb, apple of a troll's eye. When your online identity is used by someone else to troll you, via your tablet.

table talk meaning

Noun: 1.) Conversation appropriate for a formal occasion i.e. dinner with your girlfriend/boyfriend's parents. 2.) Small talk. Shmoozing. Those little conversations you have when you see someone you don't really care about, but you haven't seen them for a long time.

table tap meaning

A large dispenser that holds about 180 ounces of beer. It's kind of like a mini keg for your table at the bar.