table tax meaning and definition

table tax meaning

The fee someone must pay (usually in food products) for sitting at your lunch table. It is customary to loudly proclaim "TABLE TAX!" when taking the payment by force.

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table teaser meaning

When a waitress at a bar, restaurant or club who waits on tables, acts like she is interested in you, as a customer, & flirts with you, even at great lengths & depth throughout the night, just to lure you so that you may be inclined to shell out alot of tip money for her. She may even provide you with her number (fake usually) just to give you the illusion of hope. She'll play the role very good and she's usually a good talker. And if you start talking to her like in a flirtatious way, then she know she's got you. So don't flirt, because she's just wants to hurt you in your pocket. These table teasers won't flirt with girls because they know girls won't tip more just because so they target only the guys as victims. Typically these women are pretty good looking, or atleast compared to the other waitresses around, so they know that you will be attracted to them. Basically their game is the same as a cockteaser, only in a bar or restuarant or even club setting with the goal of milking money. Normally people would tip an average of around 15% but victims (typically guys) have been known to shell out 50% on tip just because the table teaser was that good into making the guy believe he had a chance with her. And the worst thing is, sometimes these table teasers would allow the guys to buy them drinks just to play the role that they are interested. So they get free drinks & more money from the guys... and that is their game.

Table Tennis meaning

A euphemism for sexual intercourse. Generally refers to gay sex, but is occasionally used to refer to heterosexual sex as well.

Table tennis volleyball meaning

A game that mixes the best of table tennis and volleyball. It was started in Oxford in 2009 and spread to London in 2010.

Table Texting meaning

When you covertly text message with someone in your immediate vicinity because you don't want other people in the area to hear what you're saying.

Table Time meaning

When your doing a chick from behind, and she has her elbows on the table in front of her, you say “Do you know what time it is?”. When she replies “No”, you say “Table Time” and slam her head onto the table.

Tabletique meaning

To tabletop an individual, followed immediately by antiqueing the same individual. This typically requires three people: a table, a pusher, and an antiquer.

tabletisation meaning

The process of taking extra sleeping tablets to knock yourself out for the evening

table tits meaning

A woman's breasts that are so large that she actually rests them on the table at a restaurant to avoid back pain.

Tablet Jackers meaning

The fuckers that steal your iPad or android tablet and play games on it for hours and often creates ipad traffic.

table tongue meaning

Table Tongue is when you lick a table until your tongue is covered in splinters