table tongue meaning and definition

table tongue meaning

Table Tongue is when you lick a table until your tongue is covered in splinters

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table top meaning

When a guy is on all fours on the floor, a girl is lying perpendicular on his back, and another guy is fucking the girl with his power cock.

Tabletoparoosky meaning

Verb,The act of placing a man on a table on his back, and doing him in the ass while sucking his dick. It is often referred to as the move that is easily worth breaking the most expensive table in the world to do.

Tabletop Ass meaning

An ass so large and protruding, you can place a drink on top of it.

Tabletop Bebop meaning

You're so tired your head keeps falling forward. You're able to catch yourself mid-head fall most times, but eventually you smack your face on the table or whatever might be in front of you. IE. Keyboard, plate of food, etc...

tabletop booty meaning

A tabletop booty refers to someone (preferably a girl) with a butt so big that you could "eat off of it" like a table.

tabletop cumshot meaning

when a gay couple are having sex and boyfriend 1 is prepared to cum all over his boyfriend, boyfriend 2 takes his toupee off and comes on his head.

tabletop exercise meaning

A tabletop exercise is a simulation of an emergency situation, such as a military invasion or a bioterrorist outbreak. It involves key personnel discussing simulated scenarios in an informal setting. TTXs can be used to assess plans, policies, and procedures.

tabletop grinding meaning

grinding in which the guy is upright and girl is bent over (creating a flat surface like a table on her back)

table topper meaning

When a guy's penis is so small it sits on top of the balls without hanging down.

Table-topping meaning

Sexual position. Starting off in doggy-style, an overweight male takes his partner from behind and rests his gut on top of her back, like placing an object on a table. Lubrication may be added if desired.