taddlywhacks meaning and definition

taddlywhacks meaning

boobies; those especially groomed for motor boating.

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Taddy Balls meaning

Fuzzy little balls.

taddy cat meaning

An annoying person who causes a random disruption to your personal being. Someone who messes things up or makes something go wrong. Or also used if you cant think of another word to call somebody.if someones a taddy cat, their pretty much janky. :]

taddy daddy meaning

1. Means your a classy individual; everyone likes you2. also Everything seems to go your way; most likely dashingly handsome3. and possibly the Future President

Taddykens meaning

An extremely sweet guy, one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. Caring, lovable, and also good looking. aka STUD. Very smart, funny, and has some muscle. Has strong, passionate love for Brittney. No others compare, he's one of a kind.

taddy slap meaning

A strong disrespectful pimp slap to the behind to show who is boss during sex.

taddywhacker meaning

Penis. Often used in backwoods America by hicks and rednecks.

Taddzy meaning

A person who thinks he is amazing, and always has a come back regardless of the fact it makes no sense. They aren't very smart and they often have excuses for their own stupidity that makes even less sense than their come back. Most of what they say makes no sense and they often have little respect for peoples claims on things.

Tade meaning

a black african pussy

tadeadra meaning

A very insecure but very pretty girl with an amazing personality she can get along with almost anyone so if you hate her you hating for no reason. She is also a freak and is a ride or die. She down for whatever!

TADED meaning

An acronym of the phrase "Titty All Day EveryDay", it is commonly used in its hashtag form of #TADED. It signifies when a person wishes to show their solidarity with the divine power that is, titty.