Taezen meaning and definition

Taezen meaning

the most awesome girl ever she is cool, sweet. awesome, pretty, very smart very strong and determined she will never give up ever one loves her but those who are jealous!

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TAF meaning

Fat backwards, meaning that the person is extra fat.

tafa meaning

what the fuck in short.

Tafant meaning

The moment of when you first stick your dick into a vagina and you become a non-virgin

TAFANU meaning

"Tah-fan-nu" Talkin' about fu*kin a nig*a up.

Tafar meaning

A name used for someone who makes a social interaction awkward by going too far.

tafari meaning

a swaggy dude and a helpful friend, he is always there for you

tafbefasa meaning

A made-up abbreviation that stands for "totally awesome fabulous bestest ever friend and so awesomeness!"

TAFE meaning

a) An alternative for University - often seen as being second-rate or as an easy option b) A term used to describe somebody who is failing, screwing up their life or who has just done something stupid/dopey hence They are Tafe or second-rate

tafed out meaning

TIRED AS FUCKED (Can also be spelled as Taffed Out)

tafeeta meaning

Red Bull, Diet Coke , and cheeseburgers