taffy bellend meaning and definition

taffy bellend meaning

a combination of two words to form a strong Welsh insult. Taffy- a derrogitory term for welsh people... the equivilant of, possibly even worse, than calling an affrican-american a nigger... and bellend being the tip of a penis. One might a call a dumb welsh fuck a taffy bellend.

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Taffy Black meaning

A person of African descent who does not act of nor engage in events in which a typical "nigga" would. A normal black person. Not ghetto nor is fluent in speaking Ebonics.

taffy bracket meaning

A very loose boundary. A limit that can be stretched like taffy. Usually used to describe financial ambiguity.

taffy butt meaning

A taffy butt is a butt that holds treasure. In other words, it will always keep one coming back for more.It comes from the show "Bob's Burgers," on which Tina rejects Jimmy Jr. and, upon gazing at his ass as he walks away, declares that "Every time I'm out, those cheeks pull me right back in." The episode is a parody of The Goonies, in which the kids try to find treasure in an abandoned taffy factory. Inside the factory is a dummy made of taffy that was used to confuse intruders. At the end it is revealed that the treasure was inside the taffy man all along, and as the credits begin to roll the song "Taffy Butt" by Cyndi Lauper plays, which is a parody of her song "Goonies 'R' Good Enough" from The Goonies. The lyrics explain that the treasure is in the taffy man's 'taffy butt'. Basically the taffy man and his 'buried treasure' are a parallel of Tina's lust over Jimmy Jr.'s booty.

Taffy-cloth meaning

An Welsh man who isn't afraid of fighting in battle, but is afraid of a woman (Romantically)

taffy dick meaning

when the penis is in a semi-flacid state, not unlike taffy

taffy factory meaning

A large, gaping, sagging mass of pink usually found on an old, burnt out whore resembling a pink taffy factory

taffyfart meaning

n. flatulence that closely trails the releaser and follows in a thin path like taffy. often associated with crop dusting but with a foul, lingering, aroma that will not dissipate and that holds its position.

Taffy Fun meaning

History Teacher

Taffy House meaning

Another name for an outhouse, or out door shitter. Sounds much nicer, doesn't it?

Taffymouthing meaning

V. Someone who slurs their words to the point of no return.Warning signs of Taffymouthing can also include, but is not limited to dirty teeth, poor dental hygiene, and bad breath.Often times people who taffymouth may not come from the most literate backgrounds, and they also may not understand they are taffymouthing.