taffy pull meaning and definition

taffy pull meaning

A large group of self-absorbed people gathering for the purpose of patting themselves on the back, telling the world how great they are, and jacking off

taffy pull meaning

A man gets his penis pulled with moderate too severe force.

taffy pull meaning

a hand job at the state fair

taffy pull meaning

a quick tug of the sack skin. could be used as an offensive move by one of your buddies, or possibly a hot thing your skeeza does to you. its up to the victim/lucky guy. it must be accompanied by a long "whooooooo" sound as the tug is being completed.

taffy pull meaning

two brown/black men giving each other handjobs mutual masturbation

taffy pull meaning

After recieving a snowball, spitting the semen into her vagina.

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Taffy Puller meaning

During the act of sexual intercourse, the man and woman get into the "cowboy" position. With the girl on top, she uses her vaginal area to squeeze the penis, and pulls up. There for "pulling" the mans "taffy".

Taffy Pulling meaning

Pulling on a limp dick trying to get it hard to the point of futility, often done while drunk and horny, but unable to get hard due to whiskey dick

Taffy sac meaning

The consistency of ones scrotum as if the testicles were suspended by a piece of warm taffy

Taffysack meaning

Taffysack n. 1. A pair of testicles surrounded by an unusually flexible scrotum. 2. Another word for scrotum.

Taffy Slapped meaning

to be slapped in the face with a flaccid penis

taffy tits meaning

n. A pair of small boobs that are all saggy and funny looking.

Taffy Twister meaning

When two dudes stand, or lay, face-to-face, and twirl their penises around each other. There is no actual cock-to-cock contact, but the weiners orbit each other, never touching, as binary stars.

Taffy Waffy meaning

Fat Essex bloke who eats many pies. Rides a fat motorbike, and also a dog called jasper. Tries to go running once a year, but is usually put-off by the prospect of half a chicken with curry sauce from the chippy. Has the ability to look at two people at the same time although they're standing 15m apart.

tafh meaning

Take a fucking hint.

Tafheem meaning

Known to be the best experience in any woman's life; in his encounters, he leaves women begging and coming back for more.