tag along meaning and definition

tag along meaning

a person who can not take no for an answer and repeatedly follows people who he thinks he is friends with and he gets bullied.

tag along meaning

A follower. Someone who'll do anything say anything to hang out with certain people.

tag along meaning

A person who follows around another particular group of friends (a "clique") but does not really interact with them. This person tries to be friends with the group, but due to any number of things, the person has nothing to share with the group or anything to add to the conversation. This creates an incredibly awkward situation where the group wants him to go away, but says nothing, and the person feels he does not belong, but doesn't want to just leave.Therefore, the person decides to stick with the people and hope for the best. He hangs on the edge of the group and follows them from time to time, becoming a "tag-along"

tag along meaning

Some that tag's along with you everywhere and invites themselves over to your house, some what like a douche bag

tag along meaning

(n) Word used to describe a person similar to loser or brown nose. Low on the social ladder, tagalongs usually follow more popular people around everywhere they go. Usually ending up pissing off everyone involved.

tag along meaning

these mad good girl scout cookies with peanutbutter and chocolate

tag along meaning

Someone that nobody likes that follows you around

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tag along elmo meaning

A person who is to clingy and annoying and seems to follow you every where you go. Someone who doesn't understand the meaning of "get lost". Even when you purposely get lost in a crowded shopping center they still seem to find you. Most times the tag along elmo is hyper- emo and they can't stand walking past a HOT TOPIC store with out going in. They are generally pop punk rejects that are in the 13 to 18 age bracket that hate themselves and the idea of joy. They always mooch cash off of their older sibling or friends that are either working or recieving unemployment checks. A Tag along elmo will tell one really good joke to a friend then will fallow it up with numerous shitty jokes and puns that in their minds they think are funny.

tag alongers meaning

People hired by a store for security purposes and follow you everywhere you go while failing at trying to be inconspicuous.

tag along fatty meaning

The tag along fatty is the big girl in the group of skanky, haughty, and downgrade-esque burlesque-esque of girls. She's the fat one that eats all of the food that the anorexites and the leader don't want to consume. She doesn't really help the situation; she's sort of a benign tumor. Sometimes referred to as taf.

tag along friend meaning

Someone who is forced to follow what their friends do

tag-along-henry meaning

An uninvited person who can't take a hint they're not welcome with the group.

tag along hoes meaning

Girls that hangout with everybody and anybody; possibly the most unreliable people you can kick it with. They have no ties to anyone except the other tag along hoes they roll with. Don't bother making plans with these girls because they'll leave you to be with another crew in a heartbeat.

tag along lesbian meaning

A lesbian that likes to tag along with a group of people in social situations without asking or being invited. They are often considered annoying and are frequently made fun of behind thier back.

tag along nickel meaning

a dime, chick, bitch, or ho who is not wanted and "tags along" with her friends

tag-a-long thomas meaning

An uninvited person who can't take a hint they're not welcome with the group.

tag-a-long-twat meaning

a guy/girl that is so pathetic they follow other couples around to parties and around school and ruin there fun. They dont understand that there only asked to 'tag-a-long' out of pity, and are to oblivious to realise they are not liked and people wish they would die.